Nadia Polevich Italy Painting

Artwork title : INCONTRO

2014 / 85x110cm/ Oil on canvas
From Outskirts to the Center And then: no partitions. Only a massive meeting, as if someone from the darkness is suddenly embracing us and, full of darkness, full of darkness and peace, we all stand at the cold, gleaming river. -Joseph Brodsky
From periphery to the center. Assemblage point of the creatures dangling around represents-- in its essence-- an inevitable, flexible meeting-collision of two atoms or fusion of amoebas or transformation of energy. Collision of higher beings is unavoidable and imminent, like the meeting of spring creeks flowing towards the sea. Dark sadness (grief) inherent to the mankind is predestined as well. The innocent rhythm of meetings and partings is overshadowed by the paradigm of time, the cage of days and minutes. Making the desire to fuse only stronger. -Lorenzo Polo

This work was created in 2014 in Kyiv, when there was a second revolution called Maidan. There was a feeling in the air of an inevitable collision and I reflected it in this work and called it INCONTRO.