Valentina Paglia United Kingdom Video

Artwork title : A Far - Off Point

I am a visual mixed media artist with a compulsive necessity to fold materials. The action of folding explores memories, secrets that have been unrevealed, the sense of taking care of something.  

In my performative video “A Far – Off Point” I explore these concepts working with the illusion of physical distance in relation with scale, body, surfaces and sound. The geometric pattern plays through the action of constructivism, creating ambiguous boundaries between two and three dimensions. Sometimes, during my performance, it feels that I can control the material, some other times, the material is more independent.  

Red colour is often used in my works to prioritise the visual aesthetic of images on screen, and also, as a reference to my passion for horror/giallo movies in particular from 70s, where red is vividly present in a socio-cultural and political environment as well.  

The work is made to be played on loop, involving the viewer in a sort of kinesthetics experience that implicate the attention through the no-synchronicity, volume and tactile practice.