Artists selections: October 24, 2022
Anavi Bhushan Nugyal India Mix Media

Artwork title : Log Kya Kahenge

Details -


Log Kya Kahenge 

Ink, Fiber and Glass, on Muslin

1x4x13 feet

Instalation - 13 feet at its tallest, installed 8 feet above the grown, 1 foot of the wall with wood mechnaism


Description/Statement - 


Whereas, we have a contract that is kept between all, beyond the simple existence of just me and you, for the wellbeing of everyone. This is the fabric of society. 


This piece represents the voices of social leaders and individuals, both as representations of society. The articles presented are influenced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights published by the United Nations. The amendments added are shared opinions of members of our society, influenced by their daily experiences and ways they feel bound to a social contract. The piece physically distorts the text as a representation of muddling and blurring of individual voices when considering a society at large.


The implicit nature of the social contract and the ways it is woven into everyday life necessitates its constant modification to keep with our developing societies. Hence, we have included a space for you to share your opinion and another to read in full the contents of this ongoing document. This piece amasses existing contractual elements in order to question their relevance in today’s society. The document was signed as “लोग क्या कहेंगे?” directly translated to “What will people say?”- a concept that plagues most individuals in their everyday lives. Small reflections of you are embedded in the piece to echo the importance of individual voices, so what will you, the people, say?