Artists selections: October 24, 2022
Ekaterina Schridde Germany Painting

Artwork title : Angel

"Certainly, an unbeliever Thomas,

I don't believe in heaven

The church doctrine of Roma

And Jerusalem's promises.


But the existence of angels

I never doubted that;

creatures of light without flaws,

Here on earth they walk."


Heinrich Heine, excerpt from his poem "The Angels."


I believe in the universe and in justice and that is what guided me in creating this painting.  I'm not only thinking of the Ukraine, because I've been a German citizen since 1999, but of the universal good in and outside of this world.  It sounds trite, but yes, good will prevail.  If I gave the picture "Angel" a second title, I would call it "Positivity" because it's something that all people need most today because we've all been and are being pretty plagued (Corona, climate crisis, wars, energy crisis  ...) and each of us needs the positive aura of an angel.


The canvas has been primed with white Gesso paint, followed by several coats of acrylic paint that have been allowed to dry between coats to create texture and gradations of color to give depth to the image.  White was applied between different layers of paint to let the layers of paint above shine.  The color choice was deliberately magenta, since this color does not exist in the rainbow color spectrum.  So it is a kind of otherworldly light that is visible through the angel.  Underneath the angel and the light it emits, the canvas is green, because "green is hope", which is now revealed by the wiping technique on the angel.