Artists selections: October 24, 2022
Ekaterina Schridde Germany Painting

Artwork title : Light

The "Light" picture shows "War of the Worlds" as an interpretation of H.G. Wells, adapted to the situation on April 24, 6 months earlier, when the invasion began.  A light that doesn't always have to be positive, right?  The superficially "sudden" raid and wiping out of civilians made me draw that comparison.  In the painting, one looks at the scene before us as if through a blood- and soot-smeared window.  An invasion of the overpowering machines that have no pity and no feelings.  A pair of high-rise buildings can be seen on the right-hand side.  The leftmost machine is currently sweeping its beam to the right. 


It seems as if she would aim directly at the viewer in the next moment.  Initially, the Russian army was said to be conducting a liberation mission, but the operations killed large numbers of people and they continue to do so.  It's the same with the light of the machines: sitting in the dark might look tempting from far away, but when the light hits you it can wipe you out instantly.  And, to quote H.G. Wells here: "If we don't end the war, the war will end us."


The canvas has been primed with white Gesso paint, followed by several coats of acrylic paint that have been allowed to dry between coats to create texture and gradations of color to give depth to the image.  The conscious choice of color: red and black symbolize death and war.  There isn't a great variety of colors here, the shapes and colors have something comical and illustrative about them as the scene is reduced to the essentials.  It is interesting to observe how the sunlight gives the picture different moods.  Since white paint was applied under the red, it glows blood red.  Likewise, when the sun is setting, the white rays come into focus.