Artists selections: October 24, 2022
Orla O Brien Ireland Painting

Artwork title : Emergence

It can be hard to show off the original art that I have in my head. It feels intimate, like I am sharing a piece of me with everyone. Which is hard for anyone to do but especially for autistic people. We are constantly told that we are too much. Too weird. Too loud...too something. We are constantly reminded that we do not fit in, that we don't belong. And there are some people who believe that autistic people should not exist. That we are a burden and that we are not human. 

I created this piece to remidn everyone that autistic people are just as human as everyone else. We bleed the same. We are just as complex and interesting. We are often perceived as cold and unfeeling but we are warm and kind underneath. Yes, autism can be challenging. But autistic people are compassionate. And empathetic and curious. We are passionate and focused on the things that interest us. We are friendly are warm. And we are who we are because of our autism, not in spite of it. 

It is something to be celebrated.