Artists selections: October 24, 2022
Orla O Brien Ireland Painting

Artwork title : Acceptance

Very often, autistic people are the object of pity. Especially when it comes to meltdowns. I created this piece to remind everyone that meltdowns are not what you think. They are not us looking for attention. They are not us trying to fake it or exaggerate how we feel. They are a very real part of being autistic, of living in a world that is not fit for us. They can be one of the most frustrating parts of being autistic, especially when you cannot communicate why something caused you to have a meltdown in the first place. 

I created this piece to remind everyone that autistic people do not live in the same world you do. We live in a world that does not cater to us. And it can be a very difficult world to navigate at times. So please do not look at us with pity of disdain. We have no use for your dirty looks. Instead, give us your kindness and compassion. Those are traits the world needs more of.